Hi my name is Dan Poulsen and I'm a long time product designer and developer. I've always had an eye for aesthetics in the world around me and always look at design and product concepts and ask how they could be better. In early 2017 I began working in the jewelry industry with a close friend. This experience opened my eyes to the concepts and designs behind rings for men and I saw a lot of the same which was boring to me. That's when I got the idea to apply modern firearm aesthetics to rings for men. I wanted something tough, rugged, and sleek all wrapped into one. What better than the beautiful lines in gun design.

    Shortly after launching Match Grade Ring Co. I began to receive countless requests for the rings to be made in a non metal material. I immediately looked at the silicone/rubber ring market as an option, and it looked perfect due to the complete lack of design and originality in the bands available for men. But when I investigated customers of other brands offering silicone/rubber rings I found there were lots of problems. For example there were many complaints that the rings were grabby and the rubber surface snagged a lot. I also saw that they would break down over a few months and crack and crumble. And finally they were not resistant to some household cleaning products and petroleum products. All of this was enough for me to say no to rubber.

    I immediately began looking for materials that were alternative to metal as well as rubber. After testing several different options I found just what I was looking for. Something strong and durable that would withstand real wear and tear over the long haul, meaning years not months. It also needed to be comfortable and lightweight, as well as smooth and non grabby on the surface. And lastly it needed to be resistant to petroleum products and any and all household cleaners.

    And that's how the Match Grade Ring Co. line of "Ultralight Nylon Hybrid" rings came about.